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1 tortilla (I used a small red chile tortilla)
2 pieces Health is Wealth Chicken-Free Buffalo Wings Vegan
1/4 avocado, cut into chunks
1/4 red bell pepper, diced (use any color you like)
handful of mixed baby greens
1 TBL BBQ sauce by Organic Ville
drizzle of creamy garlic dressing by Follow Your Heart (vegan)

In a small bowl, toss baby greens with bbq sauce and dressing. Lay baby greens in tortilla. Sprinkle in avocado and red bell pepper. Microwave 2 faux chicken pieces on paper plate, covered in damp paper towel, for 30 seconds. Turn and do another 20 seconds. At the touch, pieces should be warm, cooked through but not dried out. Cut into pieces and lay in tortilla. Roll up tortilla, cut in half and enjoy. Makes 1 tortilla.

1 large tortilla or lavish bread (use flavored tortillas for more taste)
¼ cup hummus
Cucumber peeled and diced
Tomato chopped
Red cabbage shredded
Spinach leaves
Red onion diced

Spread hummus on tortilla. Layer on a handful of each of the last 6 ingredients. Customize to your liking. Fold up the ends and roll up tortilla. Cut in half and enjoy.