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Where do I purchase vegan foods?    

Fruits, vegetables, beans and grains can be purchased anywhere, including local farmer’s markets. Try to buy organic when possible. When you are ready to try a healthy dessert recipe or healthy vegetarian recipe (vegan), look for speciality items at Whole Foods, Health Food/Natural Food Stores, Trader Joe’s or your regular grocery store chain. Many cities are seeing Sprouts locations pop up, so see if there is one in your area.

Whole Foods  has many choices of vegan products. Look for Raw/Vegan refrigerator sections and browse the frozen aisles. You will find lots of vegetarian meat (vegan) choices, ranging from meatless chicken, beef and shrimp at Whole Foods. Look for items marked Vegan or meatless, just be sure to read the ingredients to make sure the product contains no egg, milk or butter. I love Whole Foods because of their stringent guidelines based on ingredients. You will not find products with high fructose corn syrup at Whole Foods. Each Whole Foods carries different products, so ask the store manager to carry items you are interested in purchasing so you don’t have to run to multiple stores. The prepared hot food bar also has vegan dishes. If you are unsure, just ask an associate.

Any natural foods/health store may carry vegan products. You will need to look around in the refrigerator and frozen sections. Take a print out of my substitutions page as your reference guide while shopping for vegetarian meat (vegan), and other ingredients. Again, ask for help.

Trader Joe’s for reasonable, produce, bread, nuts and sunflower seed butter. Most schools do not allow peanut butter or any other kind of nut butter these days, so pack your vegetarian kids lunch with a sunflower seed butter sandwich. They won’t even know the difference. This chain of stores also carries Tofurky, Yves, Earth Balance and other vegan speciality items. Just ask a store employee for help in locating what you are looking for.

Farmer’s Market for local, fresh and inexpensive produce. Check here for a local farmer’s market in your area.

Visit this site for a list of animal ingredients. Check out the description for Bone Char. I am sure most were not aware this is used in some sugars. Buy vegan or organic brands.

What if I cannot find vegan foods I want?    

Ask the store manager at your local Whole Foods or other grocery store to carry the product. They will order if you ask. There are also on-line sites to order vegan ingredients.

Dandies Vegan Marshmallows for delicious sweet treats for raw/vegan cheesecake (delicious are pumpkin spice, chocolate and vanilla)


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  2. Golf Girl
    8:31 pm on December 6th, 2010

    Just ordered from Pangea. Can’t wait to get my vegan products that I cannot find at my local stores. Thanks for listing these on-line vegan stores. Cosmos is another great one!