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Dr. Brian Clement discusses how consuming animal meat and fish, which are high in saturated fat, smothers healthy red blood cells. This smothering affects the pancreas which affects blood sugar levels, potentially causing diabetes. Animal meat eaters show cellular changes in blood tests compared to vegetarians and vegans. Since animal meat contains cholesterol, meat eaters are prone to developing high cholesterol, which can impair organ function and destroy your liver which you need to filter your blood. Visit this sites healthy vegetarian recipes and healthy dessert recipes, all with vegetarian meat (vegan) which you and your vegetarian kid will love and come back for more.

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If you are serious about living a healthier lifestyle, then you will eliminate animal flesh and by-products, such as dairy (milk, cheese, butter, and eggs) from your diet. Dr. Michael Klaper’s final video explains what plant based foods deliver protein, from grains (10% protein) to legumes (25% protein) and everything in between. Watch now

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes do not cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure is aggravated by meat and dairy as well as a high in-take of sodium as Dr. Michael Klaper explains in the video below.

Most importantly…change your diet to a healthy plant-based menu.

In the video below Dr. Michael Klaper discusses the negative health effects of eating animal flesh and all of the diseases linked to this type of diet. In addition, half of the antibiotics made in the U.S. are actually fed to animals to help them grow bigger and prevent infection until they hit the slaughter house. These antibiotics end up in your body and blood stream if you consume animal flesh.

Most importantly…change your diet to a healthy plant-based menu.

Most people eat too much protein, yet many try to lose weight by going on a high protein diet. Watch the video below featuring Dr. Michael Klaper and see what eating animal protein can do to you. Prostate cancer is the #1 killer among men. In addition, too much protein causes calcium loss, so ladies, you want to see this!

Exercise Benefits:
In a healthy person, it is well known that exercise reduces fatigue and increases energy levels. For many years, health professionals recommended that patients undergoing cancer treatment get more rest than those who were not undergoing treatment. Although it is true that cancer treatments, especially aggressive treatments for cancers such as mesothelioma, can cause extreme fatigue, research is now showing that exercise can actually reduce the fatigue and increase energy, even in cancer patients.

Other Possible Benefits:
The National Cancer Institute has begun focusing on various factors that can affect cancer survivorship, and one of the fastest growing focuses is in lifestyle choices and healthy habits. Even after a patient is determined to be cancer free, a cancer diagnosis can have a significant impact on life, and some patients react to this impact by choosing less healthy eating and exercise habits. What researchers have found, however, is that exercise can actually improve the emotional and functional well-being of patients, both during and after cancer treatment. One thought is that exercise increases muscle, which can better withstand the effects of cancer treatment. Exercise also releases serotonin, a mood-improving chemical that can give cancer patients an improved outlook on life and increase their survival rates simply by providing a more positive approach. Because it has such a high mortality rate, many mesothelioma doctors are now encouraging exercise intervention in patients undergoing treatment, and recommending that they continue the program after treatment, as research has indicated that fitness can be a tremendous tool in cancer treatment.

Cancer and the treatment for the disease can be devastating to the human body, and patients want to find any method they can to fight the nausea, pain and fatigue that often accompanies the disease treatment. Following a fitness routine during treatment, even if it is simply choosing the stairs over the elevator or parking further from the store to get extra walking in, may improve survival rates and provide some relief from treatment symptoms.

Most importantly…change your diet to a healthy plant-based menu.

Consuming animal flesh and by-products raises cholesterol levels and clogs arteries, making it the #1 cause of death and disability in North America. Watch now and learn more from
Dr. Michael Klaper’s video.

Most importantly…change your diet to a healthy plant-based menu.

Care about your diet? Deciding to eat meat or cheese? Then you must watch this fabulous video by Dr. Michael Klaper explaining how good these choices are for you.

Exercising and Cancer:
It has long been known that diet and exercise can help reduce the risk of some types of cancers, yet many people are not aware that fitness is equally important for those who have been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is a debilitating disease, and often the treatments to cure the disease cause equally debilitating side effects, including nausea and fatigue. For this reason, it is often difficult for anyone suffering from cancer, or caring for a loved one with the disease, to understand how a fitness routine may actually lessen the effects of cancer treatment and may even increase survival.

How Fitness Helps:
Exercise helps keep a body functioning at maximum performance level, and many researchers believe that cancer patients need their body operating at its fullest potential to help fight the disease. In fact, the National Cancer Institute recently conducted studies on patients with colon cancer and found that those that exercised regularly were less likely to have cancer return. In addition, the fitness program did not have to be strenuous, as the study showed that simply walking for six or more hours per week reduced patient’s chances of death from cancer by as much as 49%.

Most importantly…change your diet to a healthy plant-based menu.

pHion is the category leader when it pertains to pH balancing of the body.
A 4th generation cattle rancher reveals why you should give up animal protein (meat and dairy products). After developeing spinal cord cancer, this rancher linked his condition to animal protein and eliminated meat and dairy from his diet and lived. Animal protein contributes to the promotion of cancer. Casein is an animal protein that stimulates the growth of cancer cells in all of its developmental stages. You can find this harmful element in dairy products, most prominent in cheese and skim milk. Men should be concerned about animal protein, especially dairy, since intake promotes prostate cancer, representing 25% of all types of cancers. Beware when you by vegetarian cheese, such as Veggie Slices, since this contains cancer promoting casein. Read ingredients on packages before you buy. Buy dairy free vegan brands, such as Vegan, Rice Vegan, Daiya, Vegan Gourmet, Tofutti, and Soya Kaas (select). Visit this sites substitution page for vegetarian meat suggestions and dairy alternatives which are all plant based.

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Radiation from Japan’s nuclear meltdown penetrates air, sea and land. Buy from your local farmers market and know where your food is coming from. Avoid seafood!
Fact: Eastern Japan has moved 12 feet closer to North America due to the tremblor’s force and Japan has shifted downward 2 feet.

Give to the American Red Cross Japan Relief Fund:

Are you thinking about having seafood tonight? If so, then you must watch this interesting video which explains a lot about seafood.

There are vegan seafood choices. Visit the freezer section at a Whole Foods or natural food store near you. Ask an associate if you need help locating a product.