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I’m The Freegan Vegan.  My family and friends started calling me The Freegan Vegan when I stopped eating animal products in April 2009 and the name just stuck.  I wanted to do something positive for myself, my family, the environment and the animals.  So I replaced meat and dairy products with soy, seitan, tempeh, tofu  and other animal free substitutes. The result has been extremely positive. What truly inspired me was reading Skinny Bitch, which reveals the truth about the meat and dairy industry, your health on animal, and what The Food and Drug Administration is doing for you. I also had a realization that diabetes runs in my family and there are strong links to consuming animal protein and diabetes.  Check out the videos category and watch the videos that are inspiring. I then visited http://www.peta.org/ and was convinced I was ready to make a change. I literally made the change overnight and I think you can too!

I immediately felt a positive difference since eating animal free and so can you. I enjoy having more energy, clearer skin, a greater level of alertness and effortless weight loss. I used to be on medications for acid reflux, bloating and congestion brought on by animal protein and dairy products. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then make the change to eliminate animal ingredients (including dairy) from your diet and you too can start to feel a change and eliminate the need for medications. Always consult your doctor if you rely daily on medications.

You can get started like I did. When I began my new journey, I tested the substitutions on my family. Of course, I did not tell them at first. I let them try the dishes I made and asked how they liked it. Not only was I shocked at how much they liked the foods, but their daily request for me to make more, especially their favorites. You can do the same if you are cooking for your family. Make the same recipes, just substitute out the ingredients for animal free ones. Don’t tell them since you want to test and see what a hit your veganized dish is. I must make Chocolate Mousse each week, and sometimes a double batch. You will want to do the same when you try out this recipe. Not only is it easy and delicious, but it is a healthy dessert recipe because it is tofu based, contains protein and is low in calories and fat. There’s no right or wrong instructional guide to going vegan, so you set the pace that works for you.

I have posted my favorite dishes (stuff I used to make prior to my lifestyle change), now with a vegan twist. You will find the recipes easy and quick to make. Just substitute meat with vegetarian meat (meatless) options. Whether you are cooking for 1 or a family, healthy vegetarian recipes (vegan) are easy for you to create a satisfying meal. If you have a favorite recipe, visit the substitutions page and veganize it! This page is there for you to know what to use in exchange for animal based ingredients. Just substitute out animal ingredients for suggested plant based options. There are many vegan choices available today, so look around your local store and find what works best for you.

A well stocked fridge, freezer and pantry of animal free ingredients will allow you to whip up a healthy vegetarian recipe and healthy dessert recipe (all animal free) that is both easy to make and very satisfying, even to vegetarian kids.  I like to freeze sausages and faux hotdogs so the stay fresh and then boil in water depending on how many I need for each meal. This helps to eliminate food waste. It doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy, just animal free.

Visit recommended books for all of my favorites. I listed books that inspired me to go animal free, delicious recipe books from easy to gourmet, a few sweet treats cookbooks and two of my favorite vegan restaurants that have published cookbooks with their mouth-watering delights, as well as my magazine of choice. I hope you find this list helpful and inspiring. I listed them to make it easy for you to eat vegan and to order your favorites.

Learn how to make changes in your life to eliminate animal products from your diet and