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Help me with my vegan diet. How do I get started?    

If you are serious about making changes, start substituting your animal products with vegan choices. Clean out your cupboards and refrigerator, visit your grocery store and buy animal free versions of what you like to eat. Everyone is different, so if you like turkey sandwiches, burgers, and oven baked breaded chicken, then buy Tofurky deli turkey slices for your sandwich, along with vegan cheese singles, and soy based Vegenaise in place of mayonnaise. There are many brands of vegan burgers, so check the freezer section and read ingredients. Gardein makes many varieties of faux chicken, but my all time favorite is Chicken Tenders. Bake them in the oven for a crispy breaded chicken entree. I love to dip mine in Magestic Garlic white garlic sauce, which you can find in the raw/vegan end aisle fridge section at any Whole Foods. It is easy to eat vegan and make healthy vegetarian recipes and healthy dessert recipes when your kitchen and pantry are stocked with vegan foods. Replace all meats with a variety of vegetarian meat (meatless, vegan). Continue to eat fruits and vegetables, which are all vegan. Try new varieties too!

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What a fabulous fast-food restaurant chain that offers animal-free cuisine. I have been to the Santa Monica, CA location several times and have been impressed with each visit. The crowd of patrons was quite interesting. I was astonished with the sheer number of people walking in to order food. The ages ranged from kids to elderly. I am thrilled the veggie/vegan movement is hitting the masses and people are opening their minds to try new foods which are better for them, better tasting, and harmless to the animals and the environment. The veggie burger is mouth-watering delicious. They serve up great desserts too! Try the Chill Out Wings and the Sweet Potato Fries pictured below.


You and your kids will love them equally!

Visit their site for more information and locations. It’s worth a visit!

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